Sada came to live with us in July of 1987. He was 16 weeks old.

His kennel was Rataki Salukiworks in Dennis, MA. His breeder's name is Lorraine Trenholm.

Elana Stefada Bn Rataki is his AKC registered name. His birthday is March 23, 1987. He was such a cute puppy!

He is frightened of thunderstorms , vaccuum cleaners and new sounds. He is also quite a food lover and is always the first one there for a treat or a meal.

Rain and snow don't usually bother him too much. Actually, wherever we are is where he wants to be.

He loves to romp around back in his large fenced in yard. Here he stops for a stretch.

He is a grizzle which is why he appears to have a mask on his face. He is a veteran couch potato when indoors. Outdoors, he's usually chasing squirrels-his favorite pastime.

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