We began our search for a new Saluki puppy shortly after we lost our beloved Sada at the age of 15 years and 4 months. Being fortunate to have a wonderful setup here, with two acres fenced in, we knew we had love to share and for some people, it would've been too soon, but for us, it was right. We share everything with our angel pets by keeping them in our hearts.

We looked through the Rescue Central site and saw no puppies listed. So, our next step was to go to the AKC site and contact Breeder Referral. We got the email addresses from the Saluki Club of America site.


No one in the North East or South East had available puppies that were old enough to come here. So, Steve expanded the search to all areas of SCOA approved breeders. This step led us to Lisa Conlon in Boise, Idaho. She had two puppies she was willing to place-both males, which we had decided we wanted. At first, the distance seemed daunting! Steve, Lisa and I were all nervous wrecks about the flight. And, to make matters worse, the summer flight embargo narrowed our choice of airline to one. Lisa, Steve and I talked extensively on the phone to make sure that this was the right placement-and we have the phone bills to prove it! <g> I think the fact that I am a STOLA volunteer helped to convince her that we would make a good home. Let's face it-it is SCARY to fly a dog you love to a strange place. And, after a few phone conversations we all knew that everyone's heart was in the right place.


After a tremendous amount of work on Lisa's part, the flight was booked for 8/5/02. He would leave Portland, Oregon and fly to Boston, with a stop in Seattle and a layover and plane change in Indiana. More nervousness on everyone's part! It was a very long night awaiting his arrival and the news that he had safely landed.


Steve and I were up early to make sure we were there ahead of time in case they would release him any earlier than the designated time of 9AM. As it turned out, they released him at 8:30AM to us. We took one look at his adorable face and fell in love.Words can't say how cute he is. :) We happily drove him home, smiling all the way.


Now came the question-how would our current furry residents accept him? To our delight-Tahlah loved him right away. It is true-Salukis know other Salukis!

One of our Iggies (Tazi) gave him a few barks and Jellie was so nonplussed it was hard to believe! And it stayed that way. It is going to be so great to share our lives with him.


We can't thank Lisa enough for trusting us with this beautiful guy. Although he misses his Boise family-he is adjusting beautifully and owns us already! He thanks them for making his start in life so wonderful and will always stay in touch.


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